Our yoghurt powder is 100% natural and allows the claim ¨with yoghurt¨.

  • Obtained by Spray Drying Technology.
  • Preserves the active lactic flora.
  • Preserves the acid flavor.
  • Taste and quality always uniform.
  • Can be used in products without moisture.
  • Allows storage without refrigeration.
  • Microbiologically stable.
  • Long life span.


Ice Cream / Cereal Bars / Chocolates / Candy / Cookies / Bakery Products / Sport & Nutritional Supplements / Toppings / Fillings / Beverages / Powdered Blends

Spray drying method is used to dehydrate natural yoghurt, without added sugar. The final product preserves the living flora, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, and the characteristic acid flavor of natural yoghurt.

Yoghurt powder could be used as an ingredient in cereals, cookies, ice cream, candy, chocolates, sport and nutritional supplements. Besides replacing milk powder, hence adding nutritional and functional values to these products.

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