Sweetener Solution


The best alternative to sugar.

  • High quality, calorie-free artificial sweetener.
  • Sucralose is made from sugar and tastes like sugar.
  • Is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Small amounts are needed to sweeten foods and drinks.
  • It is exceptionally heat stable and resists pH variations.
  • It is considered the safest artificial sweetener for sale.


Sport & Nutritional Supplements / Low Calorie Beverages / Marmalade / Powdered Blends / Bakery Products

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener made from sugar and tastes like sugar. Although it is made from sugar, is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate and so it has zero calories.

The unique combination of its sugar-like taste and the fact that sucralose retains its sweetness, has enabled a far wider range of reduced-calorie products to be offered to consumers, including soda or fizzy drinks, confectionery, dairy desserts and baked goods.

Sucralose is exceptionally heat stable, making it ideal for use in baking, canning, pasteurization and aseptic processing. It is very stable in acidic products such as carbonated soft drinks, and in other liquid-based products like sauces, jelly and processed fruit drinks. It is also very stable in dry applications such as powdered beverages, instant desserts, and tabletop sweeteners.

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