Natural Ingredients

Cheese powder

High quality, natural cheese powder.

  • Obtained by Spray Drying Technology.
  • Increase flavor release.
  • Taste and quality always uniform.
  • Allows storage without refrigeration.
  • Can be used in products without moisture.
  • No raw material loss.
  • Microbiologically stable.
  • Long life span.


Snacks / Soups / Popcorn / Crackers / Dressings / Bakery Products / Powdered Blends / Seasonings / Flavors

Our cheese powders are incredibly versatile; with a wide selection of flavours and cheese types.

Dry cheese powders are created to meet our customers’ specific goals regarding flavor, color, texture, labeling, processing, and pricing parameters. They are available in customized flavors and coloring options to meet your development needs.

Cheese powders have a non-granular, smooth, creamy texture that works easily with other ingredients to formulate great-tasting, consistent, and quality products.

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