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In 2002, Argentina Pampa Trade S.A. was born, a company whose main objective was the elaboration of powdered ingredients for the food industry. Years later, installs its first industrial plant in Argentina. In 2014 added two more plants, one in Argentina and one in Brazil, doubling production capacity and incorporating new machines that mix the latest generation powders. In 2016 launches the brand “Pampa Creations” with the objective of providing innovative solutions in functional ingredients blends. Currently, Pampa Creations have regional presence in 12 countries of Latin America. 

What we do

We provide innovative and functional solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our high quality ingredients guarantee the success of your product.

Our daily commitment is focused on providing a personalized service that allows our customer to develop a reliable product according to the preferences and trends of the current market.

Since 2002, we have been providing powdered ingredients, obtained by spray drying process, to world leading companies in the food industry.

How we work

Since 2002 we have been offering our experience to the food production sector. We sets the objectives and the institutional mission around high standards of transparency, responsibility, quality and professionalism, which end up impacting the efficiency of the company.

We are your strategic partner in Latin America, with regional presence in 12 countries.

We are here to advise you throughout the development process and go-to-market strategy.

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